You are only 5 steps away.

  1. Crafting Your Dream Home - The first step of our process begins with you. We will establish your every need and want to the finest detail by allowing your mind to be as creative and bold as you want it to be. All of your visions and expectations will be brought to life through your one of a kind, custom Bspoke Journal. We will ask many strategic questions to assist you in bringing out the most critical elements of your vision. This is your time to have some fun and truly let your imagination run wild as your vision will soon be reality!
  2. Choosing the Perfect Location - Whether you currently own a lot in your desired location or you are searching for the right lot, Bspoke is a full service firm and is ready to help. Bspoke is proud to offer our "Bspoke Builder  financing program". Having extensive contacts and experience on the residential real estate brokering space, we are able to locate a property in your desired area or community and purchase it on the spot to ensure you receive the perfect location for your dream home.
  3. Designing the Dream - Now it’s time to meet our world class  architects and design team. At this stage in our process, our team will sit down with you one on one to establish a very clear and concise understanding of your vision. Using the most state-of-the-art technology and design software, our architects are able to show you a complete 3 Dimensional, full colour highest quality rendering of the home at every stage of its design.
  4. Bringing your Dream to Life - It’s go time, the building process now begins. Throughout the construction of your project, you will have full communication as you please with our highly skilled team of project managers. You will be directly involved with all inspections as well as anything that requires your specific attention to details. This is your dream home and Bspoke guarantees your full satisfaction prior to the final day of completion.
  5. Open the Doors to your New Home - Congratulations! The big day has arrived! All of our clients receive truly Bspoke treatment on this special day. You will enjoy a morning and afternoon of relaxation and indulgence prior to being chauffeured to your brand new dream home. This day is as important to us as it is to you. The red tape is cut and we now welcome you to your dream home.